Insurance Information

Chiropractors are direct access providers and do not require a referral.  Our staff will do all the insurance billing for you and we are happy to answer any questions about your insurance plan.  Feel free to call or email the office at anytime. We accept the following coverage:

Health Insurance: Cohen & Haydu Chiropractic Clinic participates with most major insurance carriers including:

  • Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, Geisinger, Medicare, United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, First Priority Life, Health Assurance, Health America, and many others.

Workers Compensation: Our office accepts workers compensation insurance and we are panel doctors for many local businesses. Contact your human resources director for a list of panel physicians.  If you are injured at work, have filed a claim, and we are on your panel, you may present directly to us without a referral.  Additionally, if we are not on your panel and your injury is over 90 days old but unresolved, you may present to our office without referral. 
It is important to understand that Pennsylvania state law dictates that an injured worker is permitted to choose the  provider they prefer from their workers comp panel.  It is a violation of state law for your employer or human resources director to require you to visit one provider over another. 

Want the facts?  Click here to read what the medical research says about chiropractic care for work injuries.

Personal Injury: We accept all personal injury insurance for patients involved in slip and falls, negligence, or accidents that are not the fault of the injured party. 

Auto Accidents: We accept all auto insurance and commonly treat patients involved in auto accidents.  Our doctors have speciality training in the diagnosis and treatment of these unique injuries.